Examples of Peter Welton’s work

Patchings Art Centre

Patchings Art Centre, Calverton, Nottingham. A “must visit” for anybody interested in the arts, crafts and design.

Paul Williams

Individually designed furniture by Paul Williams, a mastercraftsman in wood.

Jon Edwards

Jon Edwards is a very accomplished photographer who happens to live near my studio. The portrait of me on the "Meet the Artist" page of my website is by Jon. Have a look at his website.

The Synchronicity Factor

This is an amazing first novel by a pal of mine, Stephen Hancock. He asked me to read the draft prior to publishing and I thought it was terrific. If ever I saw a book destined for Hollywood its this one. I found myself casting it. Brilliant!

West End Gallery

Printer of my Giclee Prints

Easton Walled Gardens

Easton Walled Gardens in South Lincolnshire... a virtual paradise for the lover of landscape painting

Purple Star Design

Clare McCabe is one of the most sensitive and professional graphic designers I have ever met. She designed my “housestyle” and has interpreted it in many applications relating to publicity and marketing. I commend her to you.

Pear Tree Farm Guest House and Derbyshire Arts

This is the location for a three day residential course in "Watercolour Landscape" I will be running from July 17th - 19th 2012. See more about this in the NEWS section of my website.

The Anteros Arts Centre

The Anteros Arts Centre is a non-profit making organisation in Bergh Apton, an attractive village not far from Norwich where John Hemmant the director is actively involved in arts promotion through exhibitions, concerts, talks and convivial events associated with the arts.  Have a look at his website, then go and see him.

The Fuchs Foundation

The Fuchs Foundation commissioned me to paint a picture of an Antarctic Camp which you can see on my website in the “Continent” section. Click on to their website and read about the great work they are doing with teachers.

Stained Glass

This is the company who made my first stained glass panel from one of my paintings. They are amazing!

On line artist web directory

This an international directory of artists so if you can't find what you are looking for in my website , have a look here.

Painter Gallery

International website showing the work of hundreds of artists

Mark Rowden - photographer

My good friend Mark Rowden, a very talented fellow has just launched a website of his beautiful photographs. He is a successful writer too and has also taken up watercolour painting.....which makes me a trifle uneasy! Thankfully he lives in France! He has just generously agreed I can make a painting of one of his watch this space!

Convenient hotels from which to visit my studio and gallery

This is an ideal website for anyone visiting my gallery/studio and wishing to stay overnight in an excellent hotel in the city.

South Wigston High School

An innovative and pioneering school in Leicestershire,I am proud to be associated with South Wigston High School.

Bouguereau Reproductions

Handmade Oil Painting Reproductions - sponsor of


Thousands and thousands of photographic images with a thousand possible uses in the art and design world

WOW Design Solutions

Designer of the Peter Welton website and also provides hosting and domain name purchasing.

Road travel reporting website

A very helpful website if you are planning a trip around Great Britain by road.

Shuttlewood Clarke Foundation

This is a wonderful charitable organisation devoted to providing support, care and friendship to the people of Leicestershire. Their Headquarters are are at Ulverscroft Grange, Whitwick Road, Ulverscroft,LE67 9QB 

Can Stock Photo

If you are looking for a photographic image this is the website for you...over 5 million photos are available.

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