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Order Code Title Size Price
G413 Giverny Remembered 290 x 187 55.00
G408 Flowers 49.00
G365 Giverny Trio Number 3 190mm x 190mm 50.00
G364 Giverny Trio Number 2 190mm x 190mm 50.00
G363 Giverny Trio Number 1 190mm x 190mm 50.00
G332 Minerva Giverny study 150mm x 150mm 58.00
G288 Moored Boat revisited 324mm x 250mm 70.00
G188 View from the Bridge 170mm x 255mm 55.00
G172 New Pergola 510mm x 730mm 190.00
G311 Giverny dream 360mm x 245mm 90.00
G310 Waterlillies 45.00
G306 Enticing Pool 200mm x 160mm 58.00
G302 Autumn Boat 800mm x 480mm 130.00
G197 Giverny Autumn 510mm x 880mm 109.00
G185 Path to Monet’s house 117mm x 165mm 30.00
G174 Giverny Ripples 508mm x 305mm 90.00
G175 Giverny Vista 420mm x 770mm 109.00
L37 Summer Boat - Giverney 800mm x 480mm 65.00
L17 Bridge Reflections 35.00
L16 Giverney Shadows 200mm x 160mm 35.00
L15 Sun, Leaves, & Boat 460mm x 275mm 35.00
L14 Moored Boat 324mm x 250mm 70.00
L13 Boat in Reeds 560mm x 400mm 80.00
L11 Boat Under Willow 570mm x 380mm 80.00
L7 Trellis 290mm x 240mm 43.00
L5 Deep Pool 200mm x 160mm 58.00
L6 Boat 200mm x 160mm 58.00
G149 Amazing Giverny 280mm x 400mm 100.00
G127 Summer storm 235mm x 305mm 50.00
G110 Boat under red flowers 400mm x 280mm 50.00
G109 Giverny with a yellow ring 360mm x 285mm 50.00
G104 Stunning Giverny 300mm x 420mm 60.00
G103 Tranquil Giverny 295mm x 415mm 110.00
L4 Sunlight 200mm x 160mm 58.00
L3 Bridge 200mm x 160mm 58.00
L2 Giverny Evening 73mm x 120mm 19.00
L1 Leaf Study 50mm x 100mm 19.00


Order Code Title Size Price
G336 Colourful Venice 150mm x 150mm 50.00
G146 St. Mark's Square 290mm x 440mm 85.00
G281 More Burano reflections 150mm x 150mm 50.00
G254 C'A'Doro (Portrait) 175mm x 90mm 35.00
G252 Venice by Moonlight 155mm x 155mm 58.00
G248 Ca'd'Oro 155mm x 155mm 50.00
G241 Blue gondolas 150mm x 150mm 50.00
G223 Yellow Gondolas 150mm x 150mm 50.00
G198 Double Bridge 2 150mm x 150mm 70.00
G201 Venice, Green swirls 240mm x 140mm 50.00
G210 Santa Maria en Rose 150mm x 150mm 50.00
L52 Venice Dusk 150mm x 150mm 58.00
L51 Moored Gondolas 150mm x 148mm 58.00
L50 Venice Evening 220mm x 153mm 60.00
L46 Gondolas, Venice 165mm x 190mm 58.00
L29 Campanile S.Angelo 165mm x 190mm 50.00
L28 Venice 165mm x 190mm 58.00
G170 Venice Dawn 150mm x 150mm 50.00
G152 Midnight in Venice 150mm x 150mm 50.00
G147 Venice at night 160mm x 160mm 58.00
G133 Burano reflections 1 235mm x 180mm 58.00
G131 Burano reflections 2 155mm x 155mm 50.00
G130 Venice, double bridge 150mm x 150mm 58.00
G129 Narrow view of Venice 100mm x 230mm 58.00
G114 Venice Balcony 235mm x 280mm 70.00
G111 Venice Flowers 155mm x 155mm 50.00


Order Code Title Size Price
G450 Sunflowers 35.00
G410 Hillside Poppies 170mm x 120mm 40.00
G409 Flowery Abstraction 255mm x 160mm 55.00
G346 Alstroemeria Special 490mm x 320mm 110.00
G344 Doorstep Flowers 70.00
G331 South Wigston Sunflowers 500mm x 350mm 110.00
G326 Roses at night 250mm x 160mm 45.00
G199 Pakefield flowers 3 300mm x 250mm 58.00
G194 Wedding Roses 250mm x 150mm 50.00
G321 Rowena's Flowers 440mm x 350mm 90.00
G309 Agapanthus 250mm x 170mm 60.00
G304 Gartree Flowers. 500mm x 380mm 110.00
G303 Gartree Flowers (Unfinished) 500mm x 380mm 110.00
G298 Sweet Pea Detail 380mm x 300mm 85.00
G297 Sweet Pea Wigwam 380mm x 600mm 85.00
G289 Berkeley Flowers 280mm x 180mm 50.00
G260 Irises in the sky 550mm x 380mm 90.00
G259 Launde Flowers 570mm x 340mm 110.00
G253 Primroses 155mm x 155mm 35.00
G250 Strelitzia 270mm x 380mm 110.00
G257 Dark Red Flowers 175mm x 265mm 55.00
G200 Redhill Flowers 240mm x 200mm 50.00
G234 Pakefield Flowers 4 280mm x 180mm 58.00
G233 Moor Park Flowers 270mm x 175mm 45.00
G220 Barnetby flowers 280mm x 180mm 45.00
G211 Dock Tower Flowers 300mm x 250mm 58.00
G154 Pakefield flowers 2 255mm x 178mm 50.00
L44 Bluebells on Jethou 405mm x 508mm 70.00
L42 Alstroemeria 355mm x 230mm 40.00
L41 Sun Flowers 355mm x 230mm 58.00
L40 Mixed Flowers 355mm x 230mm 40.00
L39 Irises 355mm x 230mm 58.00
L38 Roses 355mm x 230mm 40.00
G218 Glass vase roses 240mm x 150mm 50.00
L12 Magnolia 570mm x 370mm 58.00
L8 Irises at Houghton 560mm x 380mm 55.00
G159 Western Flowers 50.00
G148 Welholme Flowers 225mm x 320mm 50.00
G137 Elliston St. flowers 255mm x 150mm 40.00
G121 Pakefield Flowers 350mm x 240mm 50.00


Order Code Title Size Price
G312 Inverie House 160mm x 190mm 40.00
G222 Royal Deeside 280mm x 420mm 85.00
G265 Pub near Balmoral 200mm x 300mm 40.00
L27 Knoydart Study 175mm x 230mm 50.00
G118 Garrogie 200mm x 300mm 40.00
G117 Rainbow on Arran 355mm x 530mm 85.00
G116 Seagulls on Arran 355mm x 530mm 110.00
G113 Loch Drumrunie 290mm x 355mm 60.00
G112 Loch Muick 285mm x 350mm 85.00
G161 Knoydart peninsular 380mm x 550mm 100.00


Order Code Title Size Price
G411 Pyrenean Village 85.00
G415 Botanical Garden at Samoens 285mm x 200mm 50.00
G412 Rose Trellis 200mm x 300mm 70.00
G406 M'dina Cathedral Malta 280mm x 430mm 130.00
G402 The Washer's Fountain 280mm x 330mm 85.00
G401 Gozo View with Red Pot 330mm x 280mm 85.00
G400 Gozo Citadel 180mm x 280mm 60.00
G389 Queens Square Valletta, Malta 235mm x 265mm 70.00
G395 Strada San Giorgio 320mm x 240mm 70.00
G393 The Tranquil Boats, Gozo 240mm x 300mm 70.00
G392 Azure Window Gozo 295mm x 245mm 70.00
G391 St. George Gozo 295mm x 200mm 70.00
G384 M/V Minerva 350mm x 550mm 130.00
G377 Mont Crioul 258mm x 200mm 90.00
G361 Alpine Flowers 145mm x 200mm 45.00
G353 Antarctic Landscape with Albatross 350mm x 495mm 110.00
G348 Antarctic Medley 320mm x 550mm 85.00
G341 Roussillon 350mm x 540mm 110.00
G207 La Bergerie, Morocco 150mm x 120mm 40.00
G206 Atlas Mountains 160mm x 120mm 40.00
G205 Jardin, Marrakech 170mm x 120mm 40.00
G204 Hotel and Palm Marrakech 160mm x 130mm 40.00
G203 Palm Pot Marrakesh 170mm x 130mm 40.00
G202 Hotel Breakfast, Marrakech 150mm x 120mm 40.00
G167 Lac d'Annecy 200mm x 140mm 40.00
G305 Under the Fig Tree 370mm x 370mm 110.00
G301 Antarctic Camp 300mm x 450mm 85.00
G295 Jersey Sunrise 300mm x 460mm 85.00
G287 Vaison re-visited 280mm x 200mm 50.00
G286 St. Emilion roofscape 270mm x 160mm 50.00
G282 The Parthenon 205mm x 160mm 45.00
G272 Le Hocq house 250mm x 355mm 60.00
G271 Tropical Forest 430mm x 325mm 70.00
G268 Le Hocq 200mm x 220mm 40.00
G261 Vingrau 230mm x 330mm 50.00
G244 Cotes du Rhone 295mm x 420mm 60.00
G240 Sagrada Familia 300mm x 250mm 58.00
G237 Trevi Fountain, Rome 460mm x 300mm 70.00
G209 Tree on Jethou 440mm x 550mm 80.00
G208 The Eiger mountain 500mm x 300mm 55.00
G102 Black Grapes 340mm x 480mm 85.00
G101 Green Grapes 340mm x 480mm 85.00
G186 Fiji 230mm x 330mm 58.00
L47 Vines at Opoul 200mm x 160mm 35.00
L45 Perillos 300mm x 210mm 35.00
L36 Honfleur - Afternoon 330mm x 230mm 58.00
L35 Honfleur - Morning 330mm x 230mm 58.00
L34 Amalfi 274mm x 197mm 40.00
L33 Gorey Castle 290mm x 406mm 45.00
L32 Archirondel Tower 290mm x 406mm 45.00
L26 Provence - Le Beffroi 285mm x 208mm 45.00
L25 Provence - Seguret 285mm x 208mm 45.00
L24 Provence - Vaison 285mm x 208mm 45.00
G166 Mediterranean Garden 300mm x 240mm 55.00
G145 Sun set over Rum Point 450mm x 290mm 70.00
G144 Sun rise over Rum Point 450mm x 290mm 70.00
G143 Rum Point Ferry 430mm x 295mm 70.00
G140 Opoul 330mm x 230mm 50.00
G119 Methoni 220mm x 150mm 40.00
G107 Grapes and Figs 290mm x 260mm 85.00

English Landscapes

Order Code Title Size Price
G457 St. Catherine's College, Oxford 180mmx220mm 50.00
G414 River Bank Study 50.00
G404 Girls under a rhododendron bush 380mm x 580mm 130.00
G387 Stratford Mill Garden. 345mm x 495mm 130.00
G385 Saddington View. 330mm x 500mm 130.00
G381 Willoughby Lodge Farm 510mm x 360mm 130.00
G376 Rainow View 250mm x 405mm 90.00
G354 Flushing 590mm x 420mm 130.00
G349 Wistow Church 320mm x 490mm 110.00
G345 Woodland Study 250mm x 175mm 58.00
G335 Minerva Bluebell Wood 700mm x 490mm 150.00
G329 Buttermere 380mm x 560mm 110.00
G196 Chesil Beach 200mm x 190mm 55.00
G308 Yacht drawing 180mm x 220mm 40.00
G296 Southwold Harbour 180mm x 280mm 50.00
G283 Chiswick garden 360mm x 270mm 50.00
G278 Lincolnshire Wolds 400mm x 480mm 85.00
G276 Frosty Morning, Leicestershire 240mm x 400mm 50.00
G275 Derbyshire Garden 305mm x 355mm 70.00
G274 Blythburgh Church 300mm x 350mm 60.00
G262 Topiary Garden 400mm x 500mm 85.00
G256 Bridge at Easton 280mm x 180mm 58.00
G243 Moor Park School 450mm x 300mm 65.00
G219 Jeppy's bluebell wood 400mm x 500mm 100.00
G193 Bluebell wood detail 370mm x 250mm 60.00
L55 An English Village 560mm x 380mm 60.00
L53 Kimbolton School 305mm x 380mm 70.00
L43 New Wimbledon 360mm x 305mm 55.00
L31 Arnesby 305mm x 406mm 70.00
L30 Shearsby 305mm x 406mm 45.00
L10 Four Dificult Lies 109mm x 175mm 35.00
G160 Norfolk Landscape 405mm x 500mm 90.00
G158 Fortitudine 510mm x 400mm 70.00
G108 Arnesby Fish pond 290mm x 320mm 50.00
G105 Ambiguous garden 370mm x 295mm 60.00
G171 London Roofscape 400mm x 500mm 50.00

Animals and Birds

Order Code Title Size Price
G416 Portrait of Jack 275mm x 175mm 85.00
G386 Jersey Cow and Calf 210mm x 265mm 60.00
G382 Merino 90mm x 130mm 45.00
G378 Jasper 200mm x 250mm 85.00
G359 Red Poll Calf 300mm x 245mm 60.00
G355 Portrait of Cleo 150mm x 185mm 64.00
G352 Dennis the ... 175mm x 255mm 58.00
G351 Portrait of Jazz the lab 180mm x 270mm 64.00
G343 Hungry Leopard 240mm x 320mm 55.00
G333 Antarctic dog 180mm x 270mm 40.00
G330 Basil 250mm x 190mm 50.00
G279 The Inspector's dog 240mm x 140mm 35.00
G307 Claire's Dog 180mm x 250mm 40.00
G292 Snow Ducks 180mm x 280mm 50.00
G270 Spotty dog 165mm x 180mm 35.00
G267 Lurcher 160mm x 175mm 35.00
G264 Horse jumping 300mm x 400mm 50.00
G263 Labrador pup 230mm x 160mm 30.00
G236 Garrogie Stag 350mm x 560mm 80.00
G235 Flamingos 250mm x 300mm 58.00
G213 Elephant drinking 240mm x 395mm 60.00
G195 Geese in abstraction 455mm x 355mm 100.00
G183 Namibia 250mm x 380mm 40.00
G181 Small Tiger 112mm z 95mm 25.00
G180 Small lion 112mm x 95mm 25.00
L56 Pigeon 58.00
G214 Leopard distracted 240mm x 315mm 55.00
G215 Leopard watchful 240mm x 315mm 55.00
G216 Zebra drinking 240mm x 355mm 50.00
L20 Geese Wintering 310mm x 220mm 60.00
G150 Elephant at Udaipur 175mm x 275mm 55.00
G139 Great Glen Chinese Goose 280mm x 360mm 60.00
G138 Great Glen geese 280mm x 360mm 60.00
G128 Camel, Jordan 425mm x 280mm 110.00
G126 Leopard resting 180mm x 120mm 45.00
G125 Zebra 320mm x 245mm 55.00
G124 Elephant 320mm x 245mm 50.00
G123 Giraffe 320mm x 245mm 55.00
G122 Leopard 320mm x 245mm 50.00

The Hotels Series

Order Code Title Size Price
G192 La Jolla Hyatt 300mm x 250mm 50.00
G187 The Ritz Carlton lobby 300mm x 250mm 50.00
G184 Loew's lobby, evening 305mm x 254mm 50.00
G182 Minerva deck 280mm x 200mm 45.00
G169 Loew's Lobby 300mm x 250mm 55.00
G157 Loews Santa Monica 55.00
G156 Seagull over San Francisco 300mm x 250mm 55.00
G155 Hyatt and Henry Moore 300mm x 250mm 55.00
G168 Embarcadero Hyatt, San Francisco 55.00
G153 Grand Cayman House 305mm x 250mm 70.00
G151 Essex House, New York 255mm x 310mm 70.00
G136 Cech bridge, Prague 300mm x 250mm 70.00
G135 Champs Elysee 300mm x 250mm 70.00
G120 Prague Roofscape 305mm x 255mm 70.00

English Village Views

Order Code Title Size Price
G408 Arnesby Garden 210mm x 150mm 45.00
G407 Ruby's Shed 400mm x 560mm 130.00
G403 Great Glen Garden 250mm x 290mm 70.00
G394 Arnesby Oak 270mm x 200mm 50.00
G358 Cambridgeshire House 300m x 245mm 60.00
G380 Harbour View. 330mm x 240mm 85.00
G379 Stratford Mill 345mm x 490mm 130.00
G374 Oxton Garden 350mm x 500mm 85.00
G357 Flooded Garden 250mm x 300mm 85.00
G356 Arnesby Church 270mm x 175mm 60.00
G342 Kate’s Cottage 167mm x 260mm 70.00
G337 Arnesby Garden Pond 740mm x 740mm 130.00
G339 Cane Pheasant 290mm x 290mm 85.00
G324 Houghton Church 490mm x 340mm 80.00
G322 Chevin House 500mm x 330mm 110.00
G320 Pump Cottage, Exterior 300mm x 400mm 95.00
G319 Pump Cottage, Interior 300mm x 400mm 95.00
G318 Village School 165mm x 255mm 50.00
G317 Oak Framed house 165mm x 255mm 50.00
G315 Geese on the green 165mm x 255mm 50.00
G316 Oak Lane Arnesby 165mm x 255mm 50.00
G314 Celebrations in Arnesby 165mm x 255mm 50.00
G313 Snow in Arnesby 165mm x 255mm 50.00
G290 Gated road to Shearsby 180mm x 280mm 50.00
G291 Artist's birthplace 180mm x 280mm 50.00
G293 Arnesby from Church tower 180mm x 280mm 50.00
G280 Garden shed reflected 400mm x 500mm 85.00
G277 Kibworth Garden 300mm x 240mm 58.00
G273 Exotic English Garden 400mm x 510mm 85.00
G266 Keyham Cottage 260mm x 360mm 64.00
G258 Cotswold Pheasant 350mm x 510mm 80.00
G255 Zen Garden 360mm x 250mm 80.00
G251 Guildford Garden 300mm x 250mm 60.00
G246 Husbands Bosworth 165mm x 255mm 50.00
G242 Gilmorton Garden 300mm x 410mm 65.00
G239 Fittleworth frolics 300mm x 400mm 80.00
G224 XK120 310mm x 310mm 50.00
G245 Middleton Garden 340mm x 410mm 70.00
G212 Arnesby House Garden 300mm x 410mm 45.00
G217 Houghton House 510mm x 510mm 55.00
G191 Garden gate 400mm x 280mm 60.00
G190 Sweet Pea 400mm x 280mm 60.00
G189 Great Glen House 280mm x 360mm 60.00
G179 Peatling Swan 180mm x 260mm 50.00
G178 Arnesby crow 180mm x 260mm 50.00
G177 Manor House 180mm x 260mm 50.00
G176 Village snow 180mm x 260mm 50.00
G173 Thornham 400mm x 500mm 80.00
G164 Highland cow 170mm x 260mm 50.00
G163 Sheep farm 170mm x 260mm 50.00
G162 Elms Farm 170mm x 260mm 50.00
G142 Cock at Arnesby 200mm x 240mm 40.00
G141 Cows at Arnesby 240mm x 200mm 40.00
G134 Geese study, Arnesby 200mm x 240mm 40.00
G132 Atlas at Arnesby 200mm x 240mm 40.00


Order Code Title Size Price
G405 Prince William 400mm x 175mm 130.00
G388 Cherie Blair 400mm x 250mm 130.00
G367 Three Sisters 350mm x 354mm 95.00
G350 Triumph Roadster 180mm x 280mm 85.00
G338 Rev. Alison Hampton 430mm x 320mm 85.00
G325 Sugar Plum Fairy 500mm x 330mm 110.00
G299 Garret FitzGerald 390mm x 300mm 85.00
G294 Portrait of Lorna Kirk 540mm x 320mm 85.00
G285 Pam's shoes 230mm x 280mm 50.00
G284 Pamela Morris 550mm x 720mm 210.00
G269 Dancer's feet 180mm x 160mm 35.00
G165 Gary Wolstenholme 600mm x 400mm 85.00

Volkswagen series

Order Code Title Size Price
G249 Golf GTI 305mm x 254mm 60.00
G238 VW logo 120mm x 120mm 30.00
G232 Celebration beetle 250mm x 300mm 58.00
G231 Celebration beetle 250mm x 300mm 58.00
G230 Celebration beetle 250mm x 300mm 58.00
G229 Celebration beetle 250mm x 300mm 58.00
G228 Celebration beetle 250mm x 300mm 58.00
G227 Celebration beetle 250mm x 300mm 58.00
G226 Celebration beetle 250mm x 300mm 58.00
G225 Celebration beetle 250mm x 300mm 58.00
G221 VW Octet 370mm x 890mm 130.00

Abstract Images

Order Code Title Size Price
G373 Minerva Mixed Message 223mm x 223mm 60.00
G368 Loud painting 240mm x 170mm 60.00
G340 Minerva Memory 2009 660mm x 300mm 110.00
G334 MInerva South American Collage 630mm x 370mm 110.00
G327 Abstract Squares 400mm x 300mm 85.00
G300 Minerva2 Valedictory Tribute 300mm x 535mm 130.00
G247 Dreaming 300mm x 200mm 50.00

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Order Code Title Size Price
G372 St. Paul's Cathedral 255mm x 177mm 60.00
G371 St. Paul's Cathedral 255mm x 177mm 60.00
G370 St. Paul's Cathedral 255mm x 177mm 60.00
G369 St. Paul's Cathedral 255mm x 177mm 60.00

Knighton Mural

Order Code Title Size Price
G424 Dog Walkers in Knighton Park 354mm x 184mm 50.00
G437 Vice Chancellor's House and Lodge 354mm x 184mm 50.00
G429 Rainbows, Brownies and Guides 354mm x 184mm 50.00
G422 The Gurdwara 354mm x 184mm 50.00
G426 Botanical Gardens, Leicester 354mm x 184mm 50.00
G421 Chapel Lane House 354mm x 184mm 50.00
G434 Stuff 354mm x 184mm 50.00
G430 St. Mary Magdalene Church and Badger 354mm x 184mm 50.00
G428 Overdale Junior School and pupils 354mm x 184mm 50.00
G433 Childrens' portraits and two well-known characters 354mm x 184mm 50.00
G432 Childrens' Self Portraits 354mm x 184mm 50.00
G435 17th Century Thatched cottage 354mm x 184mm 50.00
G431 St. Thomas More Church 354mm x 184mm 50.00
G427 Plant a Tree 354mm x 184mm 50.00
G423 Knighton Flowers 354mm x 184mm 50.00
G436 The Cradock Arms 354mm x 184mm 50.00
G425 Lollipop Man 354mm x 184mm 50.00
G420 Beavers, Cubs and Scouts 354mm x 184mm 50.00
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