Customising A Print - Watercolour Prints

Examples of Peter Welton’s work

Due to the fantastic flexibility of the GICLEE print process we can now make a print to the size you would prefer.

The easiest way for you to do this is to get the print you are interested in on screen by clicking the thumbnail in the GALLERY section and noting the size of the print on offer... you will see both horizontal and vertical sizes shown in millimetres. Email me with the size you would like one of these dimensions to be to best fit your chosen location. In other words tell me how high or how wide you would like your print to be. Due to the magic of geometry one dimension will automatically produce the other. I can then send you a quotation for the print you are interested in printed at your chosen size.  PLease remember this facility is only available with giclee prints i.e. those listed with a prefix letter G before the print number. (e.g. G101).

Remember, if you are calculating how big a print would best suit your chosen wall location you should calculate the size bearing in mind around 180mm on the height and 150mm on the width will be taken up with the frame and mount. So, if your wall would take a picture with a frame width of 900mm then your print width would have to be 900mm less 150mm = 750mm.

If this is too complicated you could just let us know how wide you want the picture to be (i.e. frame size), what style of frame you would like and let us calculate for you.

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